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    SEO Can Transform Your Business – Extremely Important to Improve Brand Presence & for Lead Generation

    SEO Can Transform Your Business

    Let’s say you own one of the SEO Service Providers in India. You have a well-optimized web page that ranks at #1 in the SERP – Search Engine Results Page for the keyword – SEO experts.

    I am a numbers guy; so let’s look at some numbers.

    This particular keyword has a global search volume of 13.6k, with 3.6k searches from the US alone.

    Global Search Volume Stats
    Global Search Volume Stats

    The #1 on Google witnesses an average CTR of over 25%. Using that math, you get a whopping 900 people from your target location to your service page. Organic traffic, on average, has a 12.3% form conversion rate for professional services like SEO services.

    Ideally, using the above stat, you should be able to get 100+ lead form submissions per month on your web page. This, right here, is why SEO is so powerful!

    I have used the word – “ideally” here because the conversion of a landing page depends on multiple factors, such as –

    • How good is the copy?
    • Is the message on your landing page consistent and clear?
    • How easy is it to complete the action – fill out a form or call your consultant?

    Having said that, let’s dive deeper into how SEO can transform businesses – right from lead generation to improving brand presence.

    Organic Search – Primary Source of Website Traffic

    Here are two stats you need to know:

    The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) couldn’t be any clearer than what these stats have to say. If we further break down the search market – Google dominates it with 92.26% market share, followed by Bing at 2.29% and Yahoo at 1.52%.

    So, in a nutshell, you just cannot ignore search engines when it comes to online marketing and the branding of your business.

    SEO is all about getting in the good books of these search engines and factoring in the ranking factors used by these search engines while creating content for your website.

    In layman’s language, search engines want to provide the most valuable and relevant results for the query done by their users and that’s how they rank web pages. So, everything SEO experts do – from building links to using appropriate primary/secondary/ LSI keywords and more, is aimed at increasing the relevancy of your business website and its content in the eyes of search engines.

    Paid Advertisement Is Not The Answer, Anymore

    You can use Paid Advertising channels to churn out leads quickly, but here are two reasons why SEO is the answer for you if you’re in this for the long run:

    • Paid Ads are costly. As more & more businesses are trying to get their ads at the top, the cost per click and bidding amounts are getting ridiculously high, especially for competitive keywords like SEO Service Providers in India.
    • Around 80% of users ignore Paid Ads in search results. As more & more users are becoming conscious of ads, brand recognition and online visibility through SEO are the only sustainable options left for your business.

    In short, you cannot keep exhausting your marketing budget on advertisements “hoping” to get leads when you can get affordable SEO pricing packages, instead!

    The ROI of SEO Is Unparalleled

    Before I get into this, always keep in mind that SEO is a long-term strategy. It takes disciplined execution and patience to see visible results. But once you start seeing results, proper SEO can make your website a lead churning machine!

    During your search for the right SEO experts for your business, you’ll hear phrases like “SEO is unpredictable”, “SEO has no measurable ROI”, etc. Steer clear of such companies or so-called “experts”.

    With the help of URL tagging and advanced analytics, reputable SEO companies can exactly measure what is driving results and what isn’t.

    Pro Tip: Always contact SEO Service Providers in India or any other country with a list of clear, quantifiable goals. It could be anything from revenue, leads, to organic traffic, or anything else – basically what exactly is your business looking to achieve in the long run!

    SEO & Brand Recognition

    Google and other search engines have become smarter over the years. They can quickly spot any “scammy” SEO practices and heavily penalize any websites practicing those. This is where brand mentions and SEO go hand-in-hand.

    Just like the early days when building a couple of links for a page would improve its organic linking significantly, smart search algorithms now look for brand mentions of your business on high authority sites like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Wired Magazine, etc.

    Over to You!

    These were a few ways how SEO can improve the lead generation and brand recognition of your business. The benefits of SEO are innumerable and, so are, SEO companies in the market. Wisely hire an SEO service provider company after talking to client references and case studies of their past work. Good luck!

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