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    How the scope of online businesses expanded post COVID 19

    COVID-19 has revolutionized how the business works, and personal cleanliness and social distancing have become every business priority. Consequently, online services have grown an obligation and a lifestyle shift as we adapt to the new normal.

    The pandemic is a kind of inflection point for eCommerce worldwide. More people are now ready to shop online or take services online, like consulting online from a doctor, online education, etc. COVID-19 has started an emphasis on eCommerce as prompted by consumers’ need for safety and comfort, and even in developing countries like India, where online services are getting salience.

    Due to coronavirus, almost one-quarter of customers are looking for contact-less payments or delivery options. 36% of customers stated they wouldn’t go back to brick-and-mortar stores until a solution is available, these stats came to light after a recent study of 3,558 consumers from Salesforce Research.

    The number of shopping online consumers has been steadily increasing during the pandemic, with 44% of respondents escorting more of their purchasing online in mid-May – an addition from 42% two weeks earlier. Even after COVID-19 effects sink, 68% of U.S. shoppers are supposed to continue purchasing necessary goods online. It is notably true for Gen Z and Millennials, 73% of whom come into this category compared to 69% of Gen X and 57% of Baby Boomers.

    Online shopping is somewhat more widespread among high-income households during the COVID-19 pandemic, with 71% stating they see more online shopping in their future and 65% of lower-income families telling the same. Coronavirus is also expected to affect back-to-school and holiday shopping, with customers across all income brackets stating they are supposed to pay less during these seasonal times than in 2019.

    How surge has been seen in various industries

    A surge in mental health consultations

    As per the study, mental health consultation got a rise in the lockdown; there is a 200 percent rise in psychiatry teleconsultations worldwide.” Amid the pandemic crisis, youngsters engage with work-related anxiety and generalized tension arising from loneliness and isolation, usually leading to panic attacks. It gives beginning to the pressing need to attend to these cases; therefore, online consultants make patients’ lives comfortable as they can get assistance digitally.

    A rise in online education

    The education system has transformed dramatically, with the notable rise of e-learning, whereby education is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. Studies show that online learning has been shown to strengthen retention of information, and less time taking, indicating the changes coronavirus has made strength be hither to stay.

    Digital streaming.

    While protecting and serving themselves, it appears as no surprise that as people are confined in their homes and no longer explore external entertainment options, there is a rise in online streaming services. Many streaming services are there likeDisney+, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon heeding atypical increases in subscribers in the first quarter of 2020.

    The non-traditional streaming services like film studios, launch media streaming, on-demand, sometimes even earlier than the proposed release.

    COVID 19 has transformed our ways of living. We need to take precautions if we are planning to step out. Therefore, people need digital solutions so that they can avail of the services while sitting at home. People are doing work from home in the same way they want services at their doorstep. People turn to online modes of getting services: food delivery, medicine delivery, consulting doctors online, entertainment, education, etc. Since the lockdown has changed our approaches, online businesses have seen a rise in demand for their services.

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