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    Why SEO & 3 Killer Strategies to become Top in SEO 2020

    3 Killer Strategies for SEO


    Yes, you heard correct! You only need three strategies to get your website on top rankings of Google.





    These strategies have helped my site bring in 350,973 visitors per month from Google.


    So, if you’re sick of reading the same old beginners stuff;

    Create Great Content!

    You’ll enjoy this. 

    Introduction: What is SEO


    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a practice of getting your website, with much relevant traffic, on top ranks in the search engines. The main tasks for SEO involve making a website as per Google guidelines keeping things in mind like; website load speed, creation of high-quality content, simple website URLs, optimizing content around a specific number of keywords and creating high-quality authority backlinks.

    According to the SEO company in Ghaziabad, SEO is all about attaining high ranks in search engines for your keywords in the organic section of the Search engine.




    For example, if you search for the keyword like: “best SEO Company in Ghaziabad” and you appear right here:



    As per our daily experience, we are getting around 100+ visitors for this keyword, and 90% of them are relevant.


    That is a considerable number!


    Monthly it is about 3000 unique visitors, and in terms of value, it is about $6000/month! (Value is $2 for SEO Industry Keyword).


    So after knowing the statistical facts, you must be ready to understand the SEO, implement the tips and techniques, and start getting a minimum of 100+ unique visitors daily!


    Mostly SEO activities are classified into two categories:


    On-Page SEO: All the changes take place at the website level.


    Off-Page SEO: All the tasks are done mainly for getting high-quality backlinks to the website.






    How Search Engines Work


    When the user searches for a term on Google, the search engines do the real-time search from millions and billions of search results and show the best of content to the user.


    So the question is how Google does it?


    Well, Google has not revealed its search mechanism publically. But, with the facts available, the Google search shows the results for a search query based on the three killer strategies of SEO, which are the following:



    1. Relevance:


    For example; You searched for the term,


    the best chocolate in the world 2020


    It will always show you the results related to your search query and not something irrelevant, like showing results for “the best healthy vegetables in the world 2020″.


    Google doesn’t merely rank the result on the first page, based on the relevancy.

    As we can see, the search query;


    The best chocolate in the world 2020


    gives around 99 million search results, and the best part is when you open any of the top results they are very relevant to your search.

    So here, it makes our first factor: Relevancy, very relevant.



    Now let us move to our other factors.

    The next factor is the Authority.


    1. Authority: Google, from the past many years, has given good relevance to the authority of your website. Authority means; what does your website stand for and how it influences the audience.


    The Authority of your site is identified by the number of high-quality PR websites pointing to your website.

    For example:

    If the Forbes website (which has the DA of 96, and an Alexa Rank of 240) has a link pointing to your website, Google will give more relevance to your website compare to the website having the link from Business Insider (having the DA of 95, and an Alexa Rank of 277).


    So if your website has more and more quality backlinks, the rank chances are higher than the website having fewer quality backlinks.


    Links from another website to your website are called Backlinks. That is one of the main factors that makes Google different from other search engines like Yahoo, Binge, etc.


    Usefulness :


    Yes, Google gives a lot of weightage to Authority and Relevancy and, it also offers high weightage to the factor known as usefulness, according to the Search Engine Round table.

    Recently, we saw an example where a famous fitness expert posted content on his highly relevant and authoritative site on “How to lose 5 pounds in 15 days”. However, the content was not properly managed on the site (as shown):

    A new fitness expert has the content on the same topic, which is very well organized and presented on the website. The topic suggested by him is more liked by the people. Hence there are likely more chances the Google will promote it above the website having high authority, and relevancy as shown:


    The Results of B might rank higher than the results of A.

    It can be correct to say that User results —> Experience – based on the user experience the Google can shuffle the results. However, you can consult SEO Services in Ghaziabad to know the tactics and effects of SEO for your website.



    How to make SEO work for you?


    Search Engine Optimization is a process in which you need to follow various tactics with the end goal of fetching rank and traffic for your website.  When you get top ranking in Google search results, it means your content is serving in the best way to the visitor’s query.


    There are a lot of things that need to be improved to achieve the above three important factors i.e. Relevancy, Authority, and Usefulness, to make your site achieve higher rankings on the SERPs.


    And that begins with making your site relevant and useful both for Google and your audience.


    Our next topic focuses on How to make your site relevant and useful for Google and the audience.


    We do a free R&U (relevance and usefulness) analysis of your site. To get in touch,  contact us through our website inquiry form and let us explore the best possibilities for your business.















    Organic VS Paid Search in Search Engines:


    When you type anything on the search engine for searching, then you will see two types of results     :

    Paid Search Results and Organic Results


    Organic Results :


    Organic search is the results shown by the search engine Based 100% on Merit. Several factors of this Merit includes the Main factors being Website Speed, Quality of content, Number, and quality of backlinks pointing to your website and usefulness. Many start-ups companies are launching their website and they should opt SEO services for start-ups through renowned company.   


    Paid Results :


    On the other hand, Paid results solely depend upon the amount of money the advertiser pays to Google to rank their website on top of the search engine for a particular set of keywords.


    Generally, in Google, this setup is known as Google Ads. Advertisers can form their ads and display them to Google search results for the desired set of keywords.

    In Google ads, each keyword has a specific bid an advertiser needs to pay for that keyword to be on the top page of Google search. An advertiser with the highest bid and good quality score bids will remain top in Google ads results.

    Why is SEO Important :




    Find below the traffic on Google:

    Now, you might say, this is all Google ads and not organic search results driving the traffic, right?

    Have a look!

    Click Distribution on Desktop

    • 72% click on organic
    • 82 % click on paid
    • 46% don’t click


    This is data from 2018




    So, there are 10x more organic clicks than paid clicks on both desktop and mobile.


    Now let’s understand more about this through an example; let say you have a business of “birthday party supplies”. 




    The average searched as per the Google analytics about the keyword

    Birthday party supplies” is around 110,000 people, i.e., 110,000 searches for “birthday party supplies” every month.

    It is considering that the first result of the Google search gives about 20% of the response. If your website is on top, it will provide you with 22000 visitors every month, a vast and genuine number of visitors.

    Now let’s calculate this in terms of worth for visitors per month; if the advertiser runs the ad for the keyword “birthday party supplies,” it will cost around $1 per visitor, about $22000 per month!


    Now imagine this is just a single keyword. Currently, the website can get the top ranking for multiple keywords. Now you can imagine the value you are obtaining by attaining top ranks in Google search engine.


    It is seen the keywords like “insurance online” are minimum worth of $25 per visitor, so now you can imagine the power of SEO. Hence when you are considering SEO for your website it is important to hire the Best SEO services in Ghaziabad ensuring the desired results







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