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    Bayise Tutor

    Our company is in the digital marketing business for years. The online promotion of Bayise Tutor is among our most successful projects.

    Nothing could be better than the extension of the education system as it allows people from different walks of life to get their hands on what the system has to offer. With that being said; these methods also guarantee positive results. Bayise Tutor has been a stepping stone for many educators as well as students.

    Intending to reach more and more students and teachers all over the globe, they came to us for the complete digital marketing service. We were more than happy to take up the challenge and started crafting the strategy.

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    The road to success is often full of hurdles. It is these hurdles that credit the hard work and dedication of the team members. To successfully extend the reach in the education industry, they faced many difficulties. Bayise Tutor launched in January 2021. One of the crucial challenges they faced was the onboarding of teachers and students on their platform on a global scale.

    It was a real challenge to onboard the verified and efficient tutors to connect them with the students who require assistance and guidance. The lack of awareness about the Bayise Tutor platform and the global pandemic only deepened the issues. It made the process of recruitment and even the medium of teaching and learning go all online.

    During this pandemic, many offline education institutes have started their online platform. It made the goal of our client more challenging, demanding, and full of competition.



    To overcome the roadblocks, we utilized modern tools to improvise our methods in the time of an ongoing pandemic. Such methodologies that we adopted to withstand the issue are,

      Strategic planning on Facebook to create awareness among the educators as well as students about our platform. It helped in increasing the reach and social presence.
      Using multiple social media optimization tactics like video content, engaging posts to garner the attention of the potential candidates.
      We posted verified content on different PR (Press Release) websites. Along with that, we wrote engaging and informative answers on relevant QA platforms.
      We optimized Google My Business profile and updated it with all the latest updates and posts.
      Created Landing Pages to create a funnel for lead generation.


    The execution of strategic planning and the advanced tools helped us achieve our goal, and then some more. The engagement with the interested folks has resulted in the fulfillment of our target and even some more.

    After taking up our digital marketing service, Bayise Tutor successfully –

      Have set up a physical office in New York.
      More than 75 students onboarded. The numbers, moreover, continue to grow due to the engagement.
      Registered more than 50 teachers from all over the world on different subjects.
      Follow the K-12 system of education. However, given the love they have received, we may broaden their horizons sooner.
      Have an active Facebook page with more than 1200 followers. The number of followers has increased in due time.
      The engagement with our followers and the notoriety has improved by 200%. Moreover, it has also gotten us a social media project.


    Our digital marketing service has been so fruitful that they have strengthened the collaboration and entrusted us with another project, Bayise Social – a new-age social media platform.

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