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    Online Reputation Management – Case Study


    Online Reputation Management


    ORM (Online Reputation Management Remove Spammy Links SEO Services

    For any business or individual bad links or reviews can hamper the image completely.

    Alfred Ayodele Thompson is social personnel with a philanthropic outlook towards the world. He believes in establishing a better place. Moreover, with his involvement as an active social worker in Congo Town and Tempeh Town, he has successfully managed to win people’s hearts. His political outlook towards how the world needs to develop into a better place made him take the initiative.

    However, he came to us for the service of online reputation management, a segment our company has already proved its worth.

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    Alfred Ayodele Thompson is a social worker for whom building rapport with the community is necessary. With his aim to relieve individual’s suffering in Congo and Tempeh city, he has always sought to fight for obtaining social justice.

    He desires to improve the quality of life in the community with his significant influence and knowledge. It is through the created connections that the project of alleviating the condition of livelihood takes place. Hence, for Mr. Thompson, his status is everything.

    And what better way to ask organizations and institutions to lend a helping hand than showing their credibility through search engine platforms, right? Everyone has an online presence that needs to be protected. Mr. Thompson was no other.

    Moreover, his involvement in such projects thrived and became a success, because of his established connections.

    Alfred Ayodele Thompson came to us with one problem: eradicating the negative content circulating overtime on search engine platforms. He wanted us to control the online conversation to create a sense of balance, a sense of peace.

    Whenever anyone searched on the search engine, there were some unfavorable links, with some untrue events and allegations that came up on the search result. These sorts of web pages were a threat to the reputation of our esteemed clients. It was hampering the social image of Alfred Ayodele Thompson.

    Our challenge was to eradicate those links so that people can see only the true and positive content of Mr. Thompson.



    The problem that Mr. Thompson came with required an amalgamation of techniques and strategies to ensure that the people on those platforms will find the right materials whenever they search our client’s profile.

    So we incorporated certain methods to achieve the balance. To counteract the misleading trends, we did the following,

    We posted the right materials on our client from verified profiles.
    Incorporating search engine optimization tactics.
    Censorship of negative comments.

    These methods have allowed us to put our best foot forward to erase the misleading grey areas.



    Such a procedure of accessing and preparing the original content and astroturfing the comments section to erase negativity requires time. We asked our client to provide us with 3 months. However, with the help of our proficient team members, we could elicit the desired result in just about two months.



    Reputation is everything when it becomes your mark of identification. Moreover, to mislead someone is to deny the identification. So next time when you want to get rid of the deceitful grey area from the social presence, do not hesitate to seek Online Reputation Management services from us.

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