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    10 Online Platforms that can help you strategize your business SEO Plans

    Business SEO Plans

    Did you know Google receives at least 3.7 billion searches every day from users, and there are about 1 billion active websites on the internet along with yours? A good SEO strategy is an absolute necessity to stand out from the crowd and be on the top of the search results.

    While there are many SEO strategies that are proven to improve your running, everything comes down to the online platforms you ultimately invest in. SEO service providers in India will assist you in creating the best social media strategy, which either uses any one of these platforms or an amalgamation of multiple platforms. Thus, without further ado, let’s check out the 10 best online platforms that can help you strategize your business SEO plans.


    With roughly over 300 million active users, Quora is one of the most frequently found sites on the top of google SERPs which can significantly improve your business SEO. You can direct high-quality traffic or leads to your website while demonstrating your expertise on more than 300,000 topics.

    For starters, you can answer questions about your business or promote your business with the general questions people search for on the internet.

    For example,

    Suppose someone is looking for the ‘best SEO providers in India’ or ‘SEO pricing packages in India’. In that case, you can use specific keywords like SEO pricing packages, SEO, etc. and answer these questions while subtly promoting your business within the answer itself. You can also share content from your websites, such as blogs or video content which will help reach a wide range of audiences while generating more leads and sales for your business.


    Often underestimated, the next platform that can help you strategize your business SEO plans includes Reddit. You can do a wide range of activities on Reddit to boost your SEO, such as identify relevant subreddits to follow, which you can use to generate content ideas, engage with relevant audiences, or share valuable content from your website.

    Reddit is all about conversations and discussions. Once you actively take part in a conversation on Reddit, you can easily demonstrate your expertise in front of the audience, which can increase your CTR and engagement rates significantly.


    With roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the next platform you should include, irrespective of your business type. Facebook works great for both B2B and B2C companies.

    Facebook Users Graph

    Start by creating a Facebook page and share valuable content from your website. Google will index it, and your page can get ranked within the first few SERPs.

    Next, create Facebook ads to promote your products and services on the user’s feed. Apart from boosting your sales and conversions, it will also help enhance your local SEO, which is a great way to gain some local followers and customers to your website.


    Like Facebook pages, google also indexes tweets that allow your website to rank higher in the SERPs. For example, whenever someone searches for your brand, they can find your Twitter account on the top of the results(if you have optimized it well).

    You can also share your blog posts and other content automatically with the 192 million daily active users for driving traffic to your website and increase the rankings. Apart from sharing your content, you can also reshare your content to maximize its ROI.

    Also, not to forget, you have high chances to go viral with the right content on Twitter which can obviously bring fruition to all your SEO efforts.


    Google always prioritizes LinkedIn due to its high domain authority. It is one of the #1 choice of 80% B2B companies to shine and improve their SEO. However, every business can mark their presence on Linkedin and optimize it for SEO.

    With LinkedIn, you can get tons of user engagement by sharing and engaging with thousands of posts every day. Start by optimizing your LinkedIn profile with your business details, including the bio. Do not forget to add the right keywords to your LinkedIn bio since this can make or break your complete LinkedIn marketing efforts.


    Back in 2020, Instagram added this unique functionality of attaining relevant posts that match specific keywords. As a business owner, you can leverage this advantage to boost your SEO. The better you optimize your Instagram content, the better are your chances of getting discovered with a boosted SEO.

    Use Instagram ads such as carousel ads, collection ads, etc., that can help with growing your business. Create Instagram posts as per the ongoing trends and engage with your followers. Again, the better you get at engaging with your audience with the trending posts, the better reach you get.


    Lately, microblogging has been a great marketing strategy for businesses due to its alignment with social signals. Search engines like Google, Bing use social signals such as likes, comments, shares, etc., from these microblogs to rank your blog.

    Suppose you want to build your domain authority which is also linked with the SEO of your website. In that case, microblogs are great to give you the right boost you need since microblogs typically have a bigger audience compared to regular blogs. You can use microblogs to promote your blogs and bring them higher in the SERPs.

    Video Platforms

    About 86% of business owners use videos as a strong marketing tool that boosts their SEO significantly. Visual cues hold a great significance currently, and generating good quality videos demonstrating your services or products while aligning with the trend can massively improve your business SEO. People tend to consume video content better than regular textual content, resulting in more searches on the search engines. Hence, choose the best SEO services provider in India to help you create good quality and engaging videos to boost your website’s SEO.


    Countless businesses are leveraging podcasts within their marketing strategies. Podcasts have been one of the most trendy ways to consume content, and if you manage to mark your presence with podcasts, you are bound to witness a good rise in your SEO. Thus, include podcasts in your SEO strategy. Don’t forget to create transcriptions or show notes of your podcasts which can also double as blog posts resulting in a higher ranking in the SERPs.


    With 81.9 million active buyers on Etsy, it is a great platform to display your products or services and boost SEO. If you manage to optimize your shop and listings on search with the help of the best SEO service providers in India, you can easily gain a good amount of traffic on your website. Some of the aspects you should add to your SEO plans with Etsy are the customer and market experience score, context-specific ranking technology score, relevancy score, recency score, etc.

    With these platforms and the right expertise from the best SEO service providers in India, boosting your website SEO shouldn’t be a challenging task at all. You just have to look for the competitive SEO pricing packages in India, choose the best option as per your budget, let them align these platforms with your SEO strategy and kickstart your campaigns!

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